General Wellbeing

The Regional and Centre Liaisons are the lifeblood of the IJF. They are the first point of contact to deal with whatever needs a jockey may have, whether this is in the immediate aftermath of an accident or in the longer term for beneficiaries who need ongoing support.

  • Our Regional Liaisons are based around the country and each centre has a dedicated Centre Liaison to support our beneficiaries. The whole welfare team responds to a huge variety of needs whether that need be general welfare, financial or medical
  • They provide the initial interaction and support and subsequently may involve other members of the IJF team or source external expertise as necessary
  • The extent and duration of support that is offered to a beneficiary varies enormously, however, the welfare team are able to offer individual time and attention to each and every person
  • The team works hand-in-hand with our clinical teams at the three Rehabilitation and Fitness centres
  • They also help organise supervised race days and holidays both in the UK and abroad
  • They are supported by an additional 20 volunteer visitors who keep in touch with offering friendship and company
  • Over 900 beneficiaries were actively supported in 2023 alone

covid-19 statement

We are acutely aware that the Coronavirus continues to have a significant and negative impact upon many of our beneficiaries. We are well positioned to offer help and support to those affected and would encourage you to make contact with us.

Our Rehabilitation Centres are Open and from these hubs you can access general pastoral, clinical and financial support as necessary.