The Injured Jockeys Fund works closely with a number of
industry partners.


(Jockeys Employment and Training Scheme)

The IJF is a significant contributor to the funding of JETS. This helps jockeys currently riding and those who have retired to formulate their career plans for a life after being a jockey.


(The Jockeys Injury Management Team)

The JIM team delivers therapeutic support on the racecourse. The team comprises 18 practitioners, 19 chartered physiotherapists and one Sports therapist/scientist working across the country. 100% of National Hunt meetings and approx 60% of flat meetings have a practitioner on site.


(British Horseracing Authority)

Dr Jerry Hill, Chief Medical Adviser for the BHA works closely with both the PJA and IJF for Jockey welfare and injury prevention.

Hobbs Rehabilitation

The IJF works closely with Hobbs Rehabilitation to offer neurological and physiotherapy services and support to our beneficiaries.

Racing Welfare

The IJF works closely with their sister charity, Racing Welfare. Together they jointly fund a 24-hour helpline and Racing Welfare beneficiaries are referred to IJF centres for physio support.


(Professional Jockeys Association)

The IJF works with the PJA to part fund their team of nutritionists who spend time at Oaksey House and Jack Berry House. The IJF also supports the Cognacitymental health resource.


(British Racing School)

Located alongside Peter O’Sullivan House in Newmarket, the IJF works with the BRS through the Jockey Coaching Programme to rehabilitate and improve the fitness of jockeys. The IJF and BRS share some facilities and resources such as simulators and gym equipment.

covid-19 statement

We are acutely aware that the Coronavirus continues to have a significant and negative impact upon many of our beneficiaries. We are well positioned to offer help and support to those affected and would encourage you to make contact with us.

Our Rehabilitation Centres are Open and from these hubs you can access general pastoral, clinical and financial support as necessary.