Catchy new song a winner for the IJF

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We could all do with a song and dance right now to try and lift the spirits during another lockdown. Thanks to the efforts of songwriter and composer Tony Power we have a catchy new ditty to get stuck in our heads or turn into the next TikTok dance craze.

Performed by Diane & Wilma, the new track ‘Am I On A Winner’ will raise funds for the Injured Jockeys Fund with each download or purchase of the CD from our online store.

Having written songs in various styles and singles for artists such as The Three Degrees, Sonia and several winning artists from Eurovision, Tony Power, who admits he has a soft spot for racing, felt like doing something to give back to the professional sportsmen and women who might be struggling through injury.

“I often wonder how sportsmen and women cope, when they get badly injured in their sports. I know it’s a long road back for them to fitness, and some require intense treatment to try to get back to somewhere near the fitness levels that allow them to continue in their sports. They are often self-employed, and very often left without any income, and have to find ways to pay for their treatment and to pay their bills.”

Power then told us a little bit more about this new song and the duo who bring the catchy lyrics to life.

“Am I On A Winner, The song I have written for the IJF is a fun song with a touch of romance. Its by a hugely talented cabaret duo called, Diane Horan Hill and Phil Lee Thomas. Their stage names are Diane&Wilma they perform together at numerous venues across the country.”

You can purchase a copy of the single on CD by heading to the Injured Jockeys Fund online store here.

Or stream the tune on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music or your favourite streaming platform.

Am I On A Winner


Shall I ask him to dance

It’s an each way chance

Could I get lucky with him

I’v been around Robin,

And He was so sweet

But he blew out on me

The Yankee was cute

But was such a galoot

Always playing trixie on me

That Canadian’s smile

But he had no style

Am I on a winner this time


Oh meeee oh my

Am I on a winner this time

Oh me oh my

I hope i’m on a winner this time

Verse 2

Well The stakes are high,

And he’s my kind guy

But will even Stephen’s want me.

And Heinz was fine,

but the winning line

Never came close to me

Though Goliath was strong ,

David proved them all wrong

Anything’s possible ,true.

So its with the gods,

and against the odds

Am I on a winner this time


Oh meee oh my

Can I be on a winner this time

Oh me oh my

I hope i’m on a winner this time

Verse 3

Well the going’s good

Hopefull he won’t

Take the wrong course on me

Hes holds me tight

In the pale moon light

I like it when he kisses me

He’s firm and strong

But will he stay on

Give me all the love that I need

Well i’ll take that chance

It’s a true romance

Am i’m on a winner this time

Oh Me Oh My

Could I be on a winner this time

Oh Me Oh my

I Hope I’m on a winner this time

Oh me oh my

Can I be on a winner this time

Oh Me Oh My

Could I Be On A Winner

Could I be on a winner

I hope i’m on a winner

Could I be on a winner this time.

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