JIM CROWLEY Q&A – in association with Racing Breaks

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We have teamed up with Racing Breaks this month, to do a Q&A with leading flat jockey Jim Crowley. We asked our supporters club to send in some questions to put forward to Jim, the answers are below.

What do you eat to stay so fit? At what age did you start riding?
I try to eat reasonably healthy, lots of protein. I don’t normally have breakfast but would pick through the day and a small meal at night. I’m fond of chocolate and drink too much coffee. I started riding before I could walk as my parents had horses and I also had ponies as a child.

Do you miss the adrenaline rush that jump racing delivers as a jockey, despite your phenomenal achievements on the flat?
Sometimes I miss the adrenaline rush you get from jump racing but I have to admit, I find it far more exciting riding the likes of Battaash and Baaeed on the big days. I can’t say I miss getting splattered on the floor around Plumpton.

What would you tell your 15 year old self if you could turn back time, would you have taken a different path instead of horse racing? You are inspiring young people, how can you help them achieve their dream?
My advice to anyone is follow your dreams and work harder than your competitors.
I had a lot of people try and persuade me not to pursue a career in horse racing and especially switching to the flat from national hunt racing as I was a middle of the road jump Jockey with no experience of riding on the flat. You can understand why some people thought I was mad to give it a go, I’m glad I never listened to them.

Having followed your career for a number of years I think you are probably riding as well now as perhaps you have ever done. Your race riding and positioning of your horse in most races is exemplary and you are giving your horse every opportunity to obtain the best possible placing. Does the responsibility of riding a horse like Baaeed keep you awake at night or do you thrive on the opportunity?
Thank you, I’d like to think I’m at point in my career where I have enough experience and still plenty of hunger and I really enjoy my job . I must admit I have always thrived on pressure and enjoy it .
I suppose riding the likes of Battaash and Baaeed it’s always on , I think I ride better when it is on.

If you could take IJF members to any event in the World, where would it be?
I have been very fortunate to ride all over the world at some beautiful places from Melbourne Australia to Santa Anita America, India and all over the Middle East, even St Moritz on a frozen lake. It’s hard to pick one but I would probably have to say the Melbourne Cup, it’s a race that literally stops the nation. I was fortunate to ride in it a few years ago, it was like the FA Cup, Grand National, Boat Race all rolled into one. Melbourne is a beautiful city as well.

Which race would you still most like to win?
The race I would still most like to win is the Epsom Derby. I was fourth a few years ago. That was a huge thrill even to just get a ride in the race, it’s still the most important race for a horse and Jockey in the world.

Best young up and coming jockey?
There are lots of good young up-and-coming Jockey’s at the moment it’s hard to pick just one but I think the standard of Jockeyship is very good, they all have Jockey coaches nowadays and that is a big positive for them.

Do you have a goal retirement age?
I don’t really have a retirement age, I would like to ride for as long as I can, if you’re fit and healthy and look after yourself there’s no reason why you can’t ride into your 50s I am 43 now and I keep myself very fit so hopefully there’s a few more years in me yet.

Racing Breaks have organised a trip to Paris for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe where Jim Crowley and Frankie Dettori will be hosting a drinks evening. If you would like to attend this trip, or for further information please click on the button below.

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